Fibre Optic Cable Repair

Accidents happen and when a car collides with a Fibre Optic Distribution roadside cabinet resulting in the loss of vital communication then our fibre optic cable repair services are required urgently.

Fortunately the car occupants were uninjured but the cabinet took a serious hit requiring re-installation and the damaged fibre cabling to be repaired.

Firstly the roadside site had to be set up to provide a safe working area and due to the adverse weather conditions it also had to be tented. Our engineer had to work against the clock starting at 5 am to get an effective repair completed due to a severe weather front expected to hit in the afternoon.

Fibre Optic Cable Testing

Our engineer pre-splicing OTDR tested 1 core from each tube on each cable to confirm cable was not damaged each core went the same length as each other on the separate cables therefore proving cable as functional. The cable was then stripped back and prepared into the new fibre enclosure. The fibre cable was then spliced to present pairs to this node and all remaining fibres were fusion spliced through for ring connectivity,

The system was then brought back on line and the control room checked that all systems were active and working correctly completing the fibre optic cable repair.

Electrical Contractor London – Housing

Project Skills Solutions an electrical contractor started working with the TCL Group who have over 30 year’s experience of working successfully within the Public and Private Sector. They are committed to putting the customer first and are constantly searching for and implementing fresh approaches to improve all aspects of Construction Services. We share this commitment and have been engaged to support their contracts throughout London providing day to day reactive electrical maintenance support services.

Electrical Contractor London

We provide NICEIC approved electrical contractor London services covering the following works

  • Day to Day electrical repairs
  • Emergencies
  • Mutual exchange electrical testing
  • Planned EICR testing
  • Void works/ fire damaged properties/ flood damaged etc
  • Kitchen upgrade works
  • Extractor fan installs & upgrades
  • Rewires and upgrades

Electrical repairs

As an electrical contractor London our electrical engineers provide day to day cover across London and the southeast and are fully supported with a office support team.This allows us to track the vehicles and plan the most effective use of our engineers to meet the challenges when additional or changes to planned works are required by our clients. Our electricians are fully trained and qualified and uniformed to present a professional image in the delivery of our services to our clients contracts.

Fibre Optic Cable Repair Services

Fibre Cable Repair

Project Skills Solutions Ltd – Installations were required to carryout emergency repairs on a critical communication fibre optic cable requiring a team of fibre optic engineers for 4 days to get full services resumed. The damaged fibre optic cable was a 1800m segment of a 33km ring with multiple drop off cab points along the entire route proved a challenge to test and bring back into service. This fibre optic cable provides the CCTV communication on the A13 between Averley and the city of London and had been damaged by fire. Our fibre optic engineers initial visit had tested and located the fault to be under a main flyover bridge on the trunk road.

Fusion Splicing Services

Our fibre optic engineers were working at multiple fibre cabinets to simultaneously fusion splice the new 64 fibre & 16 fibre cable through. This is precise work and challenging in external environments in winter so our working methods have to take this into consideration. Furthermore they are working in extremely busy areas alongside the main A13 road so safe working practices are essential to protect our engineers and the general public.

Fibre Cable testing

Once the fibre optic splicing was complete the cable had to be Fluke OTDR tested this allowed some remedial works to be carried out until all fibres were functioning correctly. The CCTV cameras were then able to be brought back online.

Fixed Wire Testing – Essex Junior School

Project Skills Solutions were engaged having submitted the most competitive quotation to carryout the Fixed wire test and inspection of a Junior school in Essex.
The electrical testing required 119 circuits and 12 distribution boards to be tested in the summer holidays.
The fixed wire testing and certification would involve the following:-

– There will be a visual inspection of the installation
– There will be a Earth fault loop impedance test conducted
– There will be an Earth electrode resistance tests conducted (if applicable)
– Testing of the CPC and earth bonding
– Ring main continuity test (if applicable)
– Insulation Resistance test
– Polarity test
– RCD test

EICR Electrical Testing

Once completed the a full report was issued detailing any failures and there their failure code

Code C1 “Danger Present”. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.
Code C2 “Potentially dangerous”. Urgent remedial action required.
Code C3 “Improvement recommended”.
Code FI “Further investigation required without delay”.

It is surprising that on most fixed wire tests on buildings we find faults even those that have had regular tests. Building particularly schools are extremely busy places and with occupants using areas that may have possible exposure to electrical faults it is essential for these tests to be carried as required by the HSE.
The failures vary from blanking plates missing on distribution boards (please see attached pictures for reference) that are often removed for electrical works but not refitted which results in a C1 failure “Danger Present”. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required. These boards are generally in restricted access areas so not a direct hazard to the general public but require immediate rectification simply with a plastic blanking plate being inserted. Another regular failure is electrical works not being done to a good standard or compliant to the latest regulations.

The remedial works are always brought to the attention of the client throughout the testing period and all the required remedial works quoted for withing 24 hours of the EICR being issued.
All codes showing failures were rectified and a new electrical certificate issued on completion allowing us to leave the school in an electrically safe condition for the start of the new term.

Cabling Installation Services Thames Oilport

Cable Installation Services

Greenergy is a leading provider of road fuel with significant infrastructure and service capability. For 25 years they have created a unique supply chain to enable them to source fuel products from the lowest – cost global producers and move that fuel in the most efficient way to their customers forecourts.

Our data cabling , fibre optic cabling and electrical services have been utilised on many of their projects. Most recently we have been required to provide a range of cabling installation services at their Thames Oilport facility in Essex. The regeneration of Thames Oilport is a key development project for Greenergy and our cabling services have been used internally and externally on various areas of the site to assist in bringing systems on line.

Our cabling project team carry’s out a full survey of the site and work out the best route for the cabling runs allowing accurate material measurements. The cable will then be specified to meet both the environmental and performance requirements. The cabling works will then be planned with the Risk assessments and method statements being prepared before works commence.


Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling is the ideal transmission media for hazardous environments such a oil ports and long distances. Our fibre optic project experience allows us to provide a full fibre cable solution for projects like this.

Axis Social Housing – Electrical Services

Project Skills Solutions started working with Axis on the Swan Housing contract on an ongoing basis in November 2016, Swan Housing operate in East London and Essex managing over 11,000 homes. Our project management team keep the projects running efficiently with all the electricians using PDA to immediately upload the job packs showing all the client required information on completion. All our vehicles are fitted with tracking systems so we can monitor progress and advise the clients help desk of the exact whereabouts of our electricians should they need to be rerouted to attend an electrical emergency.

How did we help…?

Project Skills Solutions were asked to provide electrical services to assist Axis on the Swan Housing contract to cover extra work load, they needed fast reactive and planned maintenance to help take control and cover the extra work. With engineers based across Essex and East London Project Skills Solutions were perfect to step in and provide a range of electrical services and ease the pressure.

Having provides electrical services in support of this contract we have been required to provide additional electrical services in support of Estuary Housing and Peabody Homes.

Electrical Services Essex & London

We began working with Axis on day to day reactive works, quickly moving on to the EICR testing programme across Essex. Supporting these contracts has required us to provide reactive support on a daily basis for emergencies across the housing stock. Additionally we are required to provide Void property works to keep the properties to the required standards before new tenants move into the property

These contracts cover all aspects of electrical services including:

  • Kitchen rewires
  • Extractor fan replacements
  • Switches/light replacement
  • Immersion heater thermostat replacements
  • Mutual exchange EICRs
  • Smoke alarms & CO alarms
  • General fault finding
  • Electrical Repairs to wiring and distribution
  • Help Desk Support
  • Void Property electrical refurbishment


Lighting Contractors

Project Skills Solutions has a wide range of experience delivering bespoke and specialist electrical and mechanical services. Recently our engineers were asked to change out two aircraft warning lights on top of a London building 34 storeys high.

Lighting Contractors

Changing out two aircraft warning lights at the very edge of the roof proved an interesting challenge with excellent views. After an initial survey a full set of RAMS was written up and presented to the client who in-turn presented them to the building management to raise a permit to work.

These were accepted allowing us to plan the works to take place over the weekend as requested by the client.

Lighting Contractors London

Three of our electrical engineers attended site with all the necessary safety equipment and tooling to carry out the works on a perfect weather day with wind below 2 mph. The safety zone at ground level was set up with perimeter barriers and patrolled for the duration of the works.

The removal of the light fitting first required safe isolation and then measures to prevent any items or tooling going over the side of the building. The change out of the light fitting like for like went smoothly and on completion the isolations were removed and lighting fully tested.

Specialist Solutions

If you have a bespoke or specialist project talk to us now and see how we can provide a simple effective solution.

Cecil Jones Academy – Air Conditioning

Cecil Jones Academy is a secondary school and sixth form situated in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, in England. Cecil Jones was the town’s first purpose built Comprehensive School.

Air Conditioning Services

Cecil Jones Academy take great pride in maintaining the very best environment for their pupils to learn. This has required over 180 air conditioning systems to be installed over the years in order to provide cooling through out the academy. In order to ensure that the systems are running at their optimum performance Project Skills Solutions have been awarded the air conditioning maintenance contract for 5 years.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is important that air conditioning systems are regularly maintained which involves the thorough cleaning of internal and external units and filters, checking drainage, visual check pipe work and lagging and fully performance test the system in cooling and heating modes and recording temperatures. All maintenance works are scheduled to meet the Academies requirements and to minimise disruption to the students carried out of term times. The regular air conditioning maintenance allows us to pick up any potential failures and take remedial action reducing failures that impact their performance during term time.

Fibre Cable Installation – Petrochemical

OSI Systems is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialised electronic systems and components for critical applications.

New Fibre Link

OSI Systems asked Project Skills Solutions to install a new new 16 core 0m3 fibre link between the ground floor and the 1st floor cabinet.

The link involved fusion splicing 32 new cores onto om3 SC pigtails, once complete the link was OTDR tested with full test results sent to the client. 

Project Skills Solutions invest in the latest equipment including a new Fusion Splicer, read more here.

Newham Borough Council

Last year we installed 4 new Paxton door access systems to replace the clients existing system, to improve reliability and functionality. 

New System

More recently we were asked to replace an old system which supplied the front door to their IT suite this was all installed and was linked onto their existing data base and new groups & access rights laded.

For more information on our door access services click here.