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HVAC Services in Essex and London

If you need a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installed but cannot stretch your budget far enough, or would like to find a more tax efficient method of paying for our services speak to us about leasing.

– Protect your capital budget for other aspects of the business
– Acquire your air conditioning system now
– Spread the cost
– The full value of all rentals paid under the agreement can be fully offset against corporation tax and as a result are 100% tax deductible
– Upgrade at any time throughout the lease and take advantage of the latest technology
HVAC Air Conditioning System lease to purchase option with Project Skills Solutions

Tax Relief

If you choose our lease-to-purchase option for your HVAC installation/upgrade you are able to gain tax relief on 100% of their lease rentals against their corporation tax. For example:

Company A makes £100,000 profit in their financial year, then has to pay Corporation Tax of 20% on this profit, company A bought their system outright. So the tax they have to pay is £20,000.

Company B makes £100,000 profit in their financial year, then has to pay Corporation Tax of 20% on this profit, the company also has £10,000 of lease rentals. £100,000 profit minus £10,000 lease rental = £90,000. 20% Corporation Tax is then £18,000, £2000 less than company A.


If you would like to find out how a lease-to-purchase option can benefit your business call 0845 1307 411 to speak with our engineer team.

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