If you are a small business based in the Kent, Medway, Essex, Thurrock, Southend or East Sussex region then you might be eligible for support for your projects targeting improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Aimed at companies with less than 250 employees, the Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme is now operational until spring 2019. LoCASE will provide a consistent, accessible business support programme across the SELEP area. This will help businesses optimise the use of resources and adopt eco-innovative and low carbon solutions in ways that improve business performance in terms of resilience, profitability and competitiveness, at the same time contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Part of the support available is a sizeable pot of match funded grants up to £5,000 for suitable projects, covering both capital and revenue actions for the SME. This is designed to increase the impact and reduce the financial risk associated with investing in new products and/or processes so as to realise business and environmental benefits sooner. 40% towards the costs can’t be bad!

One simple way of improving energy efficiency is to REQUEST A FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY FOR THE LATEST LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS.

The programme is supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and will be delivered over 3 years across the entire SELEP region by each of the Delivery Partners, utilising existing extensive networks operated by individual Unitary, Borough and District Authorities. SMEs will be able to seamlessly access the programme through multiple routes. This will include local authority referral, growth hub referral, and engagement at awareness raising events as well as through peer to peer referral.

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