Project Skills Solutions were pleased to have been awarded the major project to refit all electrical services and lighting for’s new warehouse in Essex. The client required extremely tight timelines over the Christmas period, our Project Managers and Engineers worked hard to meet this deadline which we achieved and our client was pleased with the project.

Electrical Fit out and Refurbishment

The client was taking over occupation of a 160,000 sq-ft warehouse building that had laid empty for well over a decade.Initially this project was surveyed in January 2013 with the client which found over 85% of the existing light and electrical circuits to be non working and in need of complete refit. It took 11 months to get the green light but we had to get the initial team on site within 5 days. The project began with a full lighting design and cost evaluation comparing conventional and LED lighting options, long term running costs of the facility played a big part in the clients decision to go for LED lighting (100 watt LED Cob bulbs). Even with the higher initial purchase price the energy efficient lighting will save our client money in the long run. The products selected weren’t off the shelf so the suppliers had to step up to the challenge and get them manufactured so as not to stall our works.

LED Electrical Lighting Upgrade

Our design required the rewire of the complete warehouse lighting circuits requiring over 25,000 mtrs of 2.5mm lsf singles to be installed into the existing galvanised trunking throughout the warehouse. The warehouse had three sections which required 450 LED lights to be installed and 200 emergency lights the lights were cabled into sections. As the areas had varying levels of occupation lighting circuits were wired with PIR detectors to turn on/off lighting automatically providing further cost savings.The electrical distribution boards were obsolete so these were also replaced with new boards at new locations to best suit the new power requirements. This required new SWA cables to be run in between the building main incoming power and the 4 new panel boards and 10 new distribution boards. The onsite team required to carry out the works was formed with 6 electricians and two electrical improver/mates all were required to have IPAF qualifications as the lighting installation was at over 6 mtrs height requiring all works to be carried out using sizzor lifts.The onsite works were supported with the office project support team and the installation manager. On completion our electrical engineers carried out electrical testing and certification to be included in the handover documentation.

Led Lighting installation services 

Our client faced a major operational site move and it was critical that we met their deadline, we met the first deadline with a few days to spare but this wasn’t the end of the project. Once we had finished the loading bay, we had to complete 50% of the goods inwards area to get our client operational.

  • LED Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Distribution Boards

Multi Service Project

After meeting our clients deadlines and exceeding their expectations we were awarding fibre optic backbone, data network, CCTV and WiFi cabling projects, with tight deadlines as before.

One Company Solution

Project Skills Solutions are at their best when presented with these project challenges with the necessary skills and manpower we can get the job done. Clients can source the entire range of Electrical, Data and Mechanical skills from us reducing procurement and the headache of multi company project organisation. It reduces overall costs and we can manage the entire project providing the client with a level of confidence only communicating with one company.

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