A large IT company was asked to deploy 750 Biometric Enrolment Stations throughout the UK as part of a new Application Identify and Enrolment Service.

The Project

Project Skills Solutions were approached by the IT company to survey and install AEI (Application, Enrolment & Identity) units used by the DVLA to renew driving licences. The project was to survey around 750 units to be installed into suitable locations across the UK. Also Project Skills Solutions were asked to supplement the in-house project deployment team by providing a varying number of high calibre engineers able to work with minimal supervision.

The Solution

We provided a flexible, high calibre work force to carry out detailed, initial surveys to determine suitable sites for the equipment to be installed into.

On completion of the surveys we were then asked to install the biometric equipment into the end user’s sites and commission each unit. Throughout the project we worked with the client to ensure the survey’s and installation along with human resources management remained smooth.

To Conclude

We successfully and smoothly, surveyed and installed AEI units at suitable sites across the UK. Working with the client at all times to ensure all needs were met, and solve issues such as project scope, timescales and deliverables.


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