Project Skills Solutions were recently contacted due to the client having a damaged fibre optic cable that is a critical communications link. Fortunately the clients network infrastructure had built in resilience so although this fibre cable was critical it had no immediate effect on the communication capability. We are fully equipped to attend site on such emergencies to fault find and carryout temporary or permanent repairs to all modes of fibre optic cables. Our response capability allows us to get to site within hours of a call and set up in all weather conditions.

Damaged Fibre Optic Cable

The client was able to send over pictures of the damaged fibre optic cable that occurred during some non-associated street works (see images). This allowed us to evaluate the materials required and advise the client of any works that would be required in advance of our attendance to allow works to commence once we arrived at site. In this case the road had to be excavated to allow two Pedcaps (fibre Joint enclosures) to be installed in the road to form a new link.

Emergency Fibre Optic Repairs

Our vans are equipped with the latest equipment to repair fibre optic cables onsite quickly in adverse weather conditions and into the night as was necessary on this job. To ensure your network is back up and running quickly our vans also carry materials needed to repair most cables so the repair can start as soon as we attend site.

Civil contractors cut around the cable to give our engineer access, a pedcap joint with a new link was fusion spliced onto existing cable, because of the high importance of this link our engineers worked into the night to ensure it was made operational. Once complete the cable was OTDR tested and results provided to Pulsant.


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