Project Skills Solutions has years of experience on electrical and cabling projects. Our clients, the owners of a warehouse, were victim to major copper power cable theft.

The Project – Electrical Cabling Installation

The main site distribution power cables 4 core 300mm SWA had been stolen by thieves who had basically ripped them out using vehicles this had resulted in damage to electrical distribution panels, cable ducts and buildings. The electrical cables had to be replaced quickly to get power back to the warehouse, the cable duct also had been damaged which caused a ducting collapse. The duct had to be repaired by excavation and installation of new 100mm duct before the new cabling could be installed.

The Solution

We took care of the civil engineering required to repair the collapsed duct, once repaired we could begin the installation of new power cables from the substation to the warehouse. We rod and roped to ensure the duct is clear so we can begin pulling the cable through, usually once the rope is attached to the cable via a cable sock our engineers will pull the cable through using a powered winch. However, the cables used in this installation were x4 4 core 300mm SWA cables with x4 runs of 150mm earth these varied in length from 80m to 145m, and therefore our engineers used a winch to pull the new cable through the duct.

Once the electrical cable had been installed it had to be terminated on both ends, again due to the size of the cable we had to use specialist equipment. Using a hydraulic power crimp, our engineers could then connect the cable. Once connected the cable was fully tested, and results provided to the client.


The client was happy with our fast and professional electrical cabling installation, we also offered a range of cable protection services we could include when installing the new cable. The client however opted to take their own action securing the site.

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