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Project Skills Solutions are fibre optic cable installers and specialists in providing businesses with solutions for their fibre cabling communication links, backbones, external and internal networks. If you don’t have a design then we can advise on the correct mode of fibre optic installation and all the required associated patching and termination for a complete solution to meet your requirements or equally quote from any drawings or specifications that you have already. Free surveys, quotes and with many years of experience we are a professional fibre optic installation company that you can rely on.

Fibre Optic Cable Installers Essex & London & Nationwide

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Area of service coverage

If you are looking for a fibre optic cabling installer for a project of any size with proven experience to deliver on time, in budget and Nationwide     What we Do

  • Survey, Design , Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Test , Fault Location and repairs.
  • Fibre cabling project roll out partners, One off fibre projects, External & Internal fibre Cabling services.
  • MOD, Petrochemical, Commercial, Education, Retail, Utilities, Security, Transport, Industrial, Communications
  • Office fibre networks, Bus Terminals, Building Lifts Monitoring, Onshore process and Storage plants, Building (Backbone) Fibre links, Factory / Plant Communications / Security fibre networks.

All types of businesses are now reliant on there everyday communication through fibre optic cabling our services have been developed to provide you with total specialist fibre optic solution. View our case studies

Fibre Optic Cabling Infrastructure Services

If your cabling required route has no ducting infrastructure then we can include this in our survey and provide a full cost for the civil engineering required to install new ducting and pits. Furthermore if your existing duct system is damaged or requires modification we can provide Duct & Pit repair or modification to allow us to install the required cabling.

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Professional and reactive installation services fully project managed and competitively priced delivered by people who are focused on quality and consistently exceeding client expectations.

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Our extensive experience within Cable Installation and Electrical Services allow us to offer guidance, advice and support to our clients.

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No Job too small or too large so let's discuss how we can offer you the very best installation or maintenance service. We offer free surveys or for small works quotes over the phone call us free on 0800 0213 264.

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Project Skills Solutions was founded in 2004 and is an independent company based in Essex providing its services Nationwide. The concept of the business is to provide a wide and ever changing range of support services to companies across all industries. Our core services include, cable installation, fibre optic installation, and electrical services. Project Skills Solutions has experience managing nationwide projects for huge organisations such as the MOD. Project Skills Solutions understands the importance of meeting our clients’ needs, our engineers are experienced and work with the client to deliver the most effective solution. View our case studies and testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

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