Fast fibre fusion splicing services using the latest splicing equipment provides the most efficient termination of fibre optic cabling. Our engineers terminate fibre optic cables onsite whether installed by us, you or existing cables. All cable types including single mode fibre (9/125µm) or multi-mode (62.5/125µm and 50/125µm) can be terminated with the required type of fibre termination type (ST. SC, FC/PC, LC).

Fibre Splicing Cable Termination in Essex & London

The fibre cables can be terminated and presented with ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC/PC type fibre terminations to suit the equipment to be connected. The preferred fibre splice method is pre-manufactured ‘Fibre Pigtails’ with the required fibre termination onto the main fibre optic cable. This would then normally be presented in a fibre optic patch panel and installed in a patching rack. We can offer variations to the presentation with wall mounted cabinets, industrial hazardous area fibre termination boxes. We also offer a range of electrical services to provide a complete solution to your project or installation needs.

Fibre Cable Splicing, Termination and Installation Services

Project Skills Solutions have a wide experience of fibre cable installation, fibre splicing and fibre termination in the sectors of defence, petrochemical (hazardous areas), process plant, waste management plants, Transport LUL, renewable energy solar farms, banking, insurance and SME’s. So we have developed our services with correctly trained engineers to work in these varied environments and hazards.

If your fibre optic cable is in a harsh environment then our engineers vehicles have the ability to bring the cable inside to splice into fibre optic pedcaps allowing the fibre jointing of two cables.

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