Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Project Skills Solutions we understand how important your air conditioning system is to the function of your business, server rooms need to be kept cool to protect equipment and data, your staff should be kept cool to maintain morale, and to follow government guidelines. Project Skills Solutions offer emergency or scheduled air conditioning maintenance to keep your system running all year round.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Essex & London

With our scheduled maintenance contract our engineers will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also have access to all of our services, with our range of services available including fibre optic and network cabling, electrical services and CCTV we can provide a complete one call maintenance solution.

Project Skills Solutions and our engineers are fully Refcom F-Gas, Safecontractor, NICEIC and ISO 9001 accredited.

R22 refrigerant will be completely phased out by the end of 2014, click here to find out if your system uses R22 and how Project Skills Solutions can help you save money and phase out R22.

Essex Head Office & Workshop

Area of Air Conditioning maintenance coverage from Project Skills Solutions
Area of service coverage

Project Skills Solutions is based in Essex, we have recently moved into a new location with brand new offices and a large workshop to prepare materials before working on site. Our Essex base and the location of our engineers allow us to offer responsive maintenance/repairs to your system. Your maintenance contract can include a minimum wait time (usually 2 hours) for an engineer to be on your site and repairing your system.

Emergency Air Conditioning Call Outs

If you need a one-off air conditioning maintenance call out or repair Project Skills Solutions can usually respond on the same day, with our range of services we provide a one call solution to your building failure. Including CCTV, fibre optic cabling, network cabling, electrical services and much more.

Call Project Skills Solutions to arrange regular air conditioning or buildings maintenance, or to arrange a call out.


Air Conditioning Repairs

Project Skills Solutions offer Emergency & Breakdown call outs for air conditioning & Ventilation system repairs in London, Essex and the South East. If your Air Conditioning system fails Call 0800 0213 264 we will advise costs before you commit to us attending site (see guide prices below/right). We offer Air Conditioning Repairs and service all leading manufacturers of air conditioning & Ventilation systems, including Air Handling Units, heat pumps, split systems, ceiling cassettes, wall mounted systems, cooling systems, VRF and VRV systems and many more. If your air conditioning system fails our mobile Air Conditioning engineers can be on site and have your system back up and running within hours.

Air Conditioning Repairs services in Essex & London & Southeast

Air Conditioning repair call out prices Essex and LondonWhen Air Conditioning systems fail it’s always going to have an adverse impact on the environment it conditions so a fast response is crucial. Particularly in critical environments such as server rooms that can cause other business operations to be effected. Our air conditioning repair services cover all leading brands of air conditioning systems including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Hitachi, Fujitsu and more. Our mobile HVAC engineers can attend clients sites when your air conditioning system is leaking water, not cooling, no power, noisy unit, emitting a bad smell, not heating or just giving poor performance. If your system has failed and it uses R22 refrigerant gas which is now banned call us and we can advise you of the options.

HVAC Call Outs in Essex & London

Our Air conditioning repair services can be on a one off call out (no contract required) or covered by a full service level agreement for the support and regular maintenance visits for single or multiply building /systems. Call our help desk when you need professional repairs to your air conditioning systems.

Call us on 0800 0213 264 for air conditioning repairs services.
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Air Conditioning Servicing

Project Skills Solutions provide a full range of Air Conditioning Servicing and ventilation servicing and maintenance options to meet your exact requirements.

Keeping your Air Conditioning system running at peak efficiency all year can cost as little as £145 for a single indoor/ outdoor condenser unit system and from £15 per additional unit. Larger systems quoted on request.

We can maintain and service all manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Sanyo and Hitachi  and can give you an instant quote over the phone. Once agreed our engineers will attend site and carryout all your air conditioning servicing in line with the manufacturers guidelines at a time to suit your business.

Areas We Cover

Air conditioning servicing in London and Essex - Areas of coverage
Area of service coverage
  • Air Conditioning Essex
  • Air Conditioning London
  • Home Counties
  • South East England

Keep your system running with regular (frequency set to requirement) service from Project Skills Solutions, reduce the risk of faults and damage and keep your system heating and cooling all year round. Our Air Conditioning & Ventilation servicing and maintenance department can offer support to businesses with single properties our facility companies with multiple building portfolios requiring service level agreements.

Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance Team

Our engineers are trained to the highest standards and REFCOM certified, we have our own inhouse training department ensuring our engineers receive regular updated safety and technical skills. Project Skills Solutions can work around you, our services are not disruptive however if you are concerned we can arrange for servicing to take place outside of regular hours at a time most convenient to you.

before and after shot of AC filter throughout a service

What happens during your service?

  • Full system inspection (check list)
  • Pressure check
  • Electrical test
  • Full system clean and disinfect coils
  • Functionality test
  • Provide paperwork to record service history
  • Update F gas log book where applicable


  • Reduce risk of breakdown
  • Maintain efficiency of system
  • Reduced annual energy costs
  • Improved air quality and hygiene
  • Health and safety compliant

Maintenance Contracts

We offer a fully supported air conditioning maintenance service that can be set to meet your air conditioning systems exact requirements. Our service level agreements can give you peace of mind with regular scheduled maintenance visits along with full support when emergencies occur.

These services can be extended to include any of our facility maintenance services Electrical, CCTV, Access, Fire etc.

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Air Conditioning Leasing

Project Skills Solutions offer our business clients tax efficient Air Conditioning leasing options on all their Air Conditioning System requirements. This allows you to get the Air Conditioning system you require installed today without any major capital outlay. The lease payment terms can be set up to 5 years allowing you budget these costs at a manageable level. Plus at the end of the term for a nominal sum you take over the title of the Air conditioning system for full ownership for the rest of its working life.

AC pricing examples

*Examples subject to survey based on 5 year lease-purchase, you own system completely at end of term

Air Conditioning Leasing in London, Essex and UK Wide

  • Protect your capital budget for other aspects of the business
  • Acquire your Air Conditioning system now
  • Spread the cost with terms from 1 to 5 years
  • The full value of all rentals paid under the agreement can be fully offset against corporation tax and as a result are 100% tax deductible
  • Upgrade the Air Conditioning System at any time after 50% of the lease term and take advantage of the latest technology.

Free Air Conditioning Surveys in London, Essex and UK Wide

Companies eligibilty for leasing can be quickly checked and confirmed before proceeding with surveys and quotations. This allows clients to budget costs before surveys and Air Conditioning system installation.

Note if cleints have a combination of system requirements across our services i.e. CCTV systems, and Fire Alarms then they could be added to the leasing package.


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R22 Refrigerant Gas now banned

R22 is commonly used in AC systems pre-dating 2004 and its ban will have a major effect on air conditioning costs. From 1st Jan 2015, EC Regulations made it unlawful for anyone to top up an conditioning system with an R22 refrigerant gas. The refrigerant gas in your Air Conditioning system is pressurised so if it is using R22 and a leak occurs then your system will fail and be rendered unserviceable.

R22 Phase out what this means for you…

Firstly you need to establish if your Air Conditioning, Chiller’s or refrigeration plant use R22 refrigerant Does my system use R22? this may be recorded on the AC Compressor manufacturer plate or the buildings asset register if you are unsure then we can advise or carryout a site visit.

R22 Your Options

If your system(s) are running on R22 then you have the following options:

R22 phase out Option 1: Do Nothing
If you are considering doing nothing to your system you should consider its purpose and its function within the business, we advise clients to upgrade or replace strategic systems that are important to business functions (server rooms, refrigeration etc). If a systems function is critical then this option should not be adopted as failure will have a serious impact. If you leave these R22 systems and they break down or it leaks refrigerant gas it cannot be repaired and you will be faced with either of the following options.

R22 phase out Option 2: Conversion

In some cases it may be possible to convert your system using a drop-in refrigerant, if your equipment is well maintained and hasn’t been previously converted, converting your system could be a solution. However you need to consider the age of the system as the mechanical nature of air conditioning systems mean that their functional performance deteriorates with age.This leads to loss of efficiency and increased running costs that could end up costing you more than the long term savings of the new energy efficient air conditioning system running on R410A for example.

R22 phase out Option 3: Replace

It is quite likely that the systems under review using R22 refrigerant are around 10 to 15 years old so replacement is the best option to consider. However this can present a major capitol outlay and with limited time to meet the phase out deadline be a real problem.

Project Skills Solutions can offer a range of lease purchase options to spread the cost of your replacement equipment over 2, 3 or 5 years.

  • Immediate Acquisition of Equipment Acquire the equipment that is needed now, not when the cost meets capital budgeting requirements;
  • Conserve Working Capital The additional leasing facility will release valuable working capital for alternative projects within the business;
  • Tax Advantages 100% of all rentals paid can be offset against the corporate tax liability of the company;
  • Planned Budgeting Payments are fixed and structured to compliment the budgetary requirements of the company;
  • Upgrading Equipment Leasing affords the opportunity to upgrade or settle the agreement at any time throughout the period of the lease;
  • Protect Existing Lines of Credit Use leasing as an alternative to your existing funding facilities and protect established lines of credit.

Additionally our engineers can also recommend the latest energy efficient equipment that will not only help reduce your companies effect on the environment but can also save a huge amount on your energy bills (often the cost savings with new efficient systems offset the install within an estimated 3-4 years). A further consideration is how many changes to the buildings layout have taken place since the system was installed, building use, changes layout and headcount can all be effecting the cooling and heating requirements. A new system can be designed to accommodate these changes.

Act Now and we can help you plan the Air Conditioning R22 phase out
  • Free site survey, our engineers can advise on conversion and replacement options.
  • Review, plan and run your complete R22 phase out including removal and recycling of all materials.
  • Design and install the new systems to meet your requirements
  • Discuss and provide lease purchase options.

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Refcom – Refrigerant Gases

Any air conditioning over 10 years old probably uses R22 refrigerant, an ozone-depleting CFC which is now banned in new systems across the EU. By law R22 systems will become unserviceable at the end of 2014, meaning they will be illegal to repair in the event of any failure. Many manufacturers no longer support these systems so spare parts are fast becoming unobtainable.
So at some time in the near future you may be faced with no choice if your Air Conditioning system fails. The decision may not be as hard to make with the benefits presented by a new system. R22 phase out 31st december

Modern Replacement System Installation

  • Use of environmentally responsible refrigerants such as R410a, R404A, R407c, R417A that are up to 60% more energy efficient than R22 systems and meet EU regulations.
  • Replacement of obsolete fixed-speed compressor technology with modern digital inverter-controlled system will bring significant immediate energy savings of over 50%.
  • New systems offer heat pump technology offering cost effective heating providing an alternative to conventional gas boilers.
  • A new system will operate even more efficiently because it is likely to be working less hard and for fewer hours per day to provide the desired level of Heating and cooling.

Replacement Technology

Installation costs may be further reduced when replacing outdated R22 air conditioning equipment as in some cases there may be the option to use Replacement Technology, retaining existing pipe work and electrical supplies. Many equipment manufacturers have introduced products specifically designed for this purpose, which can greatly simplify the installation and reduce disruption to building finishes and the activities of the occupiers.
Assuming the pipe work is replaced or found to be in good condition, a new installation will offer improved resistance to refrigerant leaks, ensuring owners can more easily satisfy their obligations under the European Fluorinated Gases (FGas) Regulations. These regulations require annual inspections to be carried out by qualified personnel; ensuring refrigerant systems are free of leaks and in full working order.


A new system is also far less likely to suffer a breakdown and the associated costs of downtime and repairs, and will commonly come with the added benefit of a manufacturer-backed 3 or 5-year warranty.

The Solution

Free Surveys and tax efficient lease purchase options are available with one of our engineers visiting your premises to evaluate your options and providing a replacement specification and quotation. Along with tax efficient leasing options you will have no major capital outlay to get your new system installed.

How to know if your equipment uses R22?

Most air conditioners have a name plate on the unit that identifies the refrigerant it contains and other information, such as safety certifications and electrical ratings. For some systems the name plate could be on the outdoor condensing unit. If a name plate is not provided there are several other ways that you may be able to obtain the information. You could check the owner’s manual for the information, failing that why not give us a call and we will advise you.
Air Conditioning System - Refcom R22 system upgrade from Project Skills Solutions - London, Essex, Kent and UK Wide
If your system was installed prior to 2002 then you may have a system running on R22 refrigerant gas which, since 1st January 2010, it has been illegal to use new hydrochloro fluorocarbons (HCFC’s) such as R22 when servicing or maintaining air conditioning. We can upgrade your system to help meet government legislation, click here for more information.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

The Government’s commitments contained in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol came into force in February 2005. The aim of radically reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions has led to the introduction of the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. This Government scheme allows any company replacing an existing air conditioning system with a more energy-efficient installation, to offset the entire cost of the project against its taxable profits in the year the new system is installed. It should also be remembered that a more energy-efficient system will enable building owners to achieve improved energy ratings under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


It is now a criminal offence to carry out activities that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and/or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants without the relevant qualifications and certification.
Project Skills Solutions has, amongst other accreditations and certificates, a full Refcom F-Gas certificate.

More information from .gov.
Air Conditioning Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance - London, Essex, Kent and London
Call us now to find out how we can help you maintain the highest standards with your heating and air conditioning system and how you can keep to government standards and regulations.

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Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services

Project Skills Solutions offer free surveys on all commercial premises requiring ventilation and air conditioning systems. Every building has a set of specific ventilation requirements set by the business processes carried out within it. This can very from requiring ventilation to remove stale air, noxious air and heat caused by various processes. It is vital that a ventilation system provides a constant flow of air  into the building to maintain a healthy climate for its occupants. R22 phase out 31st december

Ventilation Systems in London, Essex and UK Wide

Our ventilation systems and all associated pipe work and electrical services will be specified to meet your exact building operational requirements and can include heat exchangers that use the heat/cool air being removed to condition the air coming in by raising or reducing temperature providing energy savings. These systems can be used in conjunction with our Air Conditioning systems and can be included in our proposal and installation. If you have a commercial premises requiring a Ventilation system call us we cover London, Essex and the Home Counties.

Leasing Options on Ventilation systems are available subject to company check and approval.
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Air Conditioning Installation

Project Skills Solutions provides expert air conditioning installation of the latest air conditioning systems, from leading manufacturers throughout Essex, London and all of the South East of England. We specialise in the installation of air conditioning systems in commercial, retail, industrial and educational properties and can survey, design and specify air conditioning and ventilation systems to meet your premises and environmental requirements. Plus, you’ll receive full on-going support – with our air conditioning maintenance services we will keep your air conditioning systems working to peak performance for the life of your system.

Air conditioning installation in Essex and London - Map of coverage
Area of service coverage

Air Conditioning Installation in Essex and London

If you are considering air conditioning installation then you need a reliable and professional company Project Skills Solutions are fully accredited and guarantee to carry out all works to the highest standards. We will carry out a site survey and discuss the best options for the air conditioning installation considering the building and the business environment. A full quotation will be provided with options for outright purchase or lease purchase if required allowing all of our clients to have the air conditioning system installed as soon as they require.

You’ll benefit from the following:

  • Free survey, no obligation quote and air conditioning system design
  • The latest air conditioning technology systems, fully installed and tested
  • Ongoing maintenance, keeping your system running efficiently for years

Fully Trained Air Conditioning Installers

Our air conditioning installers in Essex and London are fully F-Gas qualified, manufacturer trained and members of Refcom, ensuring our compliance with the necessary regulations and specifications. Our engineers are uniformed, fully equipped to work in all business environments professionally, and will work to minimise any disruption throughout the installation process.

AC pricing examples

*Based on 5 year lease-purchase – you own the system completely at end of term


R22 refrigerant will be completely phased out by the end of 2014. Click here to find out if your system uses R22 and how Project Skills Solutions can help you save money as you work to remove it from your installation.


Project Skills Solutions are certified to offer a 5 year warranty on all Toshiba air conditioning. Contact us for more information.

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