CCTV Leasing

Project Skills Solutions CCTV leasing options can save you money, improve cash flow and allow you to have CCTV installed now while paying for your CCTV system monthly.

By leasing rather than buying security equipment you can offset 100% of each year’s lease rental payments against corporation tax, instead of an annual tax allowance of only 25% on the capital value of the equipment which diminishes each year. By the end of the term, depending on your tax situation, you could actually have paid LESS than if you had purchased outright at the start.

Our fixed terms over either 3 or 5 years, make the latest CCTV systems affordable to all businesses. Plus we give the option to upgrade part way through the lease allowing you to keep up protected with the latest CCTV system technology keeping your repayments the same and extending the period.

CCTV Leasing in London & Essex

Why wait to protect your business? With CCTV leasing you can get the system you need and the protection you want today without having to find the capital before hand. By leasing your system you will still have all the options you would have if you bought the system out right. Some of these options include, remote monitoring using your smart phone or device, constant support from our team and live security monitoring.

You can protect your business for less than £20 a week. Call our installation team for more information on CCTV leasing, or request a free survey or no-obligation quote below.

The above information is for guidance purposes and may be subject to change without notice.

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CCTV Maintenance

In order to get the required performance and protection from your security system it must be regularly serviced and maintained. The investment in a CCTV system has to continue for its working life to ensure it continues to provide protection when required. Our CCTV maintenance services will be set to a frequency to meet the environment that the system has to function. Our clients can be fully supported if the system fails with emergency cover giving peace of mind.

Project Skills Solutions provide maintenance for all CCTV, Door Access and Access Barrier systems.

What will my CCTV maintenance service include?


Good vs Bad

  • Check operation of all devices
  • Cleaning of cameras, housing and lenses
  • Check remote access
  • Clean poles and fittings
  • Check all fittings for signs of wear and tear
  • Check for water ingress
  • Check accuracy of lens and cameras
  • Repair minor faults (additional costs may apply)
  • Retrain users on the use of the CCTV system (time permitting)
  • Check and test recorder is recording and saving images
  • Check hard drive is functioning

Door Access 

  • Check operation of all devices 
  • Check power is present
  • Check battery is installed, test battery voltage and check the system works under battery operation
  • Check all fittings for signs of wear and tear
  • Check for water ingress
  • Check PC is functioning and all relevant updates are up to date

Emergency Repair

Same day security system repair and maintenance

Over time damage to your CCTV and Door Access/Barrier system can occur through exposure to elements and other factors. If your system fails Project Skills Solutions can often be on site the same day, sometimes within just a couple of hours. If you would like the security of knowing we will definitely be with you same day, why not speak to us about a building maintenance contract, only pay for us when you need us, no annual costs.

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CCTV Remote Monitoring

View your CCTV live, any time, any place with CCTV remote monitoring from Project Skills Solutions. If you have access to the internet and a smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer) then you can view your CCTV system images whenever you like. This function is available on all our IP CCTV systems installed and is backed up with onsite CCTV recording.Free demo before you buy

Using a simple App on your phone you can have constant access to your live CCTV footage:

  • See who is on site and what is occurring 24hrs per day.
  • View Images, capture images and save or share from your phone or computer
  • Monitor your property wherever you may be
  • If an alarm is triggered you can see straight away what is going on and take the necessary action
  • Health & safety monitoring
  • Lone worker protection or support

save money and lease your cctv system

You may be away from your work place but you are rarely far from your smart phone, and now that can mean you are rarely away from your business. Constantly monitor your premises for security, safety and peace of mind.

So now you can take that holiday without worrying about what is happening back at the office or onsite.

If you want to know more about our CCTV remote monitoring, packages and options, call to speak with one of our engineers. We can suggest the best system for your security and budget requirements.

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CCTV Installation

Project Skills Solutions offers complete CCTV installation for businesses in London and throughout the South East of England. We can design your CCTV system to cover the areas of your site that are important and need the most security. Our engineers will work with you to design a tailored CCTV installation that offers you the required level of protection at affordable prices.

CCTV helps to protect your premises and your staff, reducing commercial crime which can help to save your business money. We use the latest technology in our CCTV installations, incorporating number plate recognition cameras, night vision and wireless CCTV connectivity into our systems. Our designs are tailored entirely to your needs.

CCTV System Installation Services in London

Good vs Bad

When selecting a CCTV system, it’s vital that the technology will provide crystal clear images to identify people and vehicles when needed. So specifying CCTV cameras fit for purpose is essential – get it wrong and you will end up with images that couldn’t be used to identify your best friend (yes, you’ve seen them on TV). Our CCTV installers in London recommend High Definition IP camera systems for their performance and we are able to demonstrate these innovative products at surveys or remotely via any smart device.

Quality comes at a price, so we will work on solutions that meet the security requirement and also your budget. Plus, with very tax efficient leasing options, you can have a CCTV installation fitted by the professionals without major capital outlay.

These systems are network based, so our specialist data cabling and electrical services allow us to provide everything in-house, keeping the cost competitive. All our systems are set up in our workshop and commissioned prior to the site visit, allowing a smooth installation. Larger systems can be factory witnessed tested by clients to ensure optimum functionality and design before installation.

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If you would like more information on how our CCTV installers in London can help your business, call our team to discuss your security requirements, or fill out the form below to arrange your free survey and no-obligation quote.

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