Fibre Optic Equipment

Project Skills Solutions provide total fibre optic cabling communication solutions including the fibre optic transmission equipment. We offer the design, supply and installation of fibre optic network cabling and the fibre transmission equipment to allow communications across longer distances that are possible over copper cabling. Our design allows for the electrical signal to be converted by a media converter into light sent over a fibre cable external or internal over any distance and then converted back from light to an electrical signal at the other end. This is often used for linking servers in different buildings and provides IT managers with a fibre optic communication total solution.

Fibre Optic Transmission Equipment

This can be achieved by either installing a single stand alone media converter which has a fibre adapter as an input and then a single RJ45 port as the output, this will then patch into your existing network switch. The alternative is to purchase a network switch which comes with built in SFP slots (small form factor transmission ports) this then allows you to purchase the SFP ports singularly and simply plug them in. Once installed the fibre can be patched direct form the patch panel to the switch, this then allows you to connect multiple buildings or floors back to your main network.

Typical applications include:

  • Floor to floor fibre links
  • Building to building fibre links within one site
  • Campus to campus links one site to another site
  • CCTV camera locations – recorders

One of the many benefits of fibre optic cabling includes being able to carry information long distances without losing information. If you have a site that requires a communications (data or voice) network spread over long distances, fibre optic cabling will be your networks best option. Using fibre optic transmission equipment you can use fibre to connect buildings over a long distance then switch to copper cabling inside the building to desks. This is ideal for large campuses or sites for Universities and large companies.

We are able to quote (budgetary) off drawing provided they have dimensions and duct routes or we can carryout a FREE Survey. Call us to discuss your fibre optic communication requirement.

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Fibre Optic Installation

Project Skills Solutions are fibre optic cable installers and specialists in providing businesses with solutions for their fibre cabling communication links, backbones, external and internal networks. If you don’t have a design then we can advise on the correct mode of fibre optic installation and all the required associated patching and termination for a complete solution to meet your requirements or equally quote from any drawings or specifications that you have already. Free surveys, quotes and with many years of experience we are a professional fibre optic installation company that you can rely on.

Fibre Optic Cable Installers Essex & London & Nationwide

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Area of service coverage

If you are looking for a fibre optic cabling installer for a project of any size with proven experience to deliver on time, in budget and Nationwide     What we Do

  • Survey, Design , Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Test , Fault Location and repairs.
  • Fibre cabling project roll out partners, One off fibre projects, External & Internal fibre Cabling services.
  • MOD, Petrochemical, Commercial, Education, Retail, Utilities, Security, Transport, Industrial, Communications
  • Office fibre networks, Bus Terminals, Building Lifts Monitoring, Onshore process and Storage plants, Building (Backbone) Fibre links, Factory / Plant Communications / Security fibre networks.

All types of businesses are now reliant on there everyday communication through fibre optic cabling our services have been developed to provide you with total specialist fibre optic solution. View our case studies

Fibre Optic Cabling Infrastructure Services

If your cabling required route has no ducting infrastructure then we can include this in our survey and provide a full cost for the civil engineering required to install new ducting and pits. Furthermore if your existing duct system is damaged or requires modification we can provide Duct & Pit repair or modification to allow us to install the required cabling.

Call our team to get advice on your project or fill out the form below for a quote.
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Fibre Optic Testing

We are able to carry out fibre optic fault finding and fibre optic testing using an OTDR and visible light source on OS1 9/125, OM1 62.5/125, OM2 50/125 & OM3 50/125 fibre cables. Fibre optic testing services can be offered to clients who have installed cables themselves or have an existing network that they require testing to insure optimum performance. All fibre optic cables installed by Project Skills Solutions are OTDR tested and results produced to confirm that the fibre cables are working correctly.

After the cables are installed and terminated testing can commence. Every Fibre optic cable will need to be tested for continuity, end-to-end loss, splice loss, insertion loss and then fault found if there are any problems.

Fibre optic testing in Essex and London - Map of coverage
Area of service coverage

Fibre Optic Testing in Essex & London

If it’s a long external fibre optic cable with intermediate splices, you will probably want to verify the individual splices with an OTDR also, since that’s the only way to make sure that each one is good. If the cabling is for a fibre optic network we will also be testing power, as power is the measurement that tells you whether the system is operating properly.

Our engineers are fully equipped with mobile test facilities to allow cables to be spliced and tested within vehicles, plant areas or buildings. A full range of fibre optic launch leads allows us to test all types of lengths and cables and produce full test results to show cable performance. We have experience of providing these services for the MOD, BT and petrochemical projects with nationwide coverage.

If you need fibre optic testing fill out the form below or call our team today.

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Fibre Splice & Termination

Fast fibre fusion splicing services using the latest splicing equipment provides the most efficient termination of fibre optic cabling. Our engineers terminate fibre optic cables onsite whether installed by us, you or existing cables. All cable types including single mode fibre (9/125µm) or multi-mode (62.5/125µm and 50/125µm) can be terminated with the required type of fibre termination type (ST. SC, FC/PC, LC).

Fibre Splicing Cable Termination in Essex & London

The fibre cables can be terminated and presented with ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC/PC type fibre terminations to suit the equipment to be connected. The preferred fibre splice method is pre-manufactured ‘Fibre Pigtails’ with the required fibre termination onto the main fibre optic cable. This would then normally be presented in a fibre optic patch panel and installed in a patching rack. We can offer variations to the presentation with wall mounted cabinets, industrial hazardous area fibre termination boxes. We also offer a range of electrical services to provide a complete solution to your project or installation needs.

Fibre Cable Splicing, Termination and Installation Services

Project Skills Solutions have a wide experience of fibre cable installation, fibre splicing and fibre termination in the sectors of defence, petrochemical (hazardous areas), process plant, waste management plants, Transport LUL, renewable energy solar farms, banking, insurance and SME’s. So we have developed our services with correctly trained engineers to work in these varied environments and hazards.

If your fibre optic cable is in a harsh environment then our engineers vehicles have the ability to bring the cable inside to splice into fibre optic pedcaps allowing the fibre jointing of two cables.

If you want to discuss your fibre splice & termination project or our fibre cable splicing services with one of our engineers call us now or fill out the form below for a fast no-obligation quote.

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Internal Fibre Optic Installation

Project Skills Solutions can design specify and install all fibre optic cabling and equipment for your fibre optic communications network. Our Fibre optic cabling solutions provide fibre optic backbones providing links between buildings and server and control rooms or future proof your network with an internal fibre installation straight to your desks. We also offer structured data and communications cabling, electrical installation services for more information visit our structured cabling /electrical services pages.

Internal fibre optic installation in Essex and London - Map of coverage
Area of service coverage

Fibre Optic Installation in Essex & London

Our expert engineers will come to survey your project free of charge, and will advise you on the best network solution for your needs. The survey will allow the best available fibre optic cabling routes to be found and identify the type of fibre cable required along with cable management, rack positions, patch panels and any other works required for the installation.

Multi Mode Fibre cabling

Our engineers can specify the correct fibre optic mode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and type loose tube, Tight buffered, Steel taped of fibre optic cabling to best meet your network requirement. This will ensure that the cable meets your speed / bandwidth and environment requirements for now and the future.

Once you have decided on the best option for your business network, our engineers will professionally install all cabling and cable containment to the highest standards. We plan and prepare your network to reduce the amount of time we spend on your premises and therefore reduce the risk of disruption. We can complete works out of normal office hours if disruption is a major concern. Although our engineers are experienced working in secure buildings, process plants, oil drilling rigs, prestigious and listed buildings in live environments without causing disruption so it is rarely an issue.

If your looking for fibre optic installation companies then fill out the contact form below or call our team today to discuss your internal fibre installation project.

Not sure what cable you need click HERE to find out more about the types of cable.

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Fibre Optic Cable Repairs

Fibre optic cables are extremely reliable allowing them to be used in critical data communications and control transmission operations. So if they fail major problems can occur and you need a fast reliable fibre optic repair.

If your fibre optic network has failed due to a damaged, cut or broken fibre cable you require a fast and responsive fibre optic repair in order to get your communications network back online. Project Skills Solutions has been called out to repair many damaged cables from major cable destruction, from construction activities involving excavation, simple termination failures or rodent damage.

Fibre optic cable repairs in Essex and London - Map of coverage
Area of service coverage

Fibre Optic Cable Repairs in Essex & London & Southeast

Our engineers come with fully equipped vehicles carrying the latest OTDR test and Optical Fusion splicing equipment. This allows fast location of fibre cable faults and the ability to offer professional advice to cable managers on how we can get the network repaired and fully functioning. If the cable is damaged beyond repair we can install new fibre optic cable or offer options on bridging the fibre optic cable break even on a temporary basis to get you communications back on line. Plus we offer civil excavation if cable ducts or pits have been damaged or require repair or new installation.

On completion the cable will be fully OTDR tested and full test results traces will be provided.

Fibre Optic Cable Repair Services

If your Fibre Optic Cabling network has been damaged and you need a fibre optic cable repair call us to speak with a member of our fibre team straight away or fill out the form below to get a quote.

If you need an estimate of the repair costs we will need to know

  • The mode of fibre cable and the number of fibres (this can be read off the jacket of the cable normally i.e. OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2
  • The type of damage involved photos will allow us to evaluate the best fibre repair solution.
  • Location of site fibre cable repair is to take place along with any site restrictions i.e. induction required, Working at Height etc.

Call us with the above information and we should be able to give you an estimate.

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